Monday, January 28, 2013


My new living space is a basement bedroom. I call it my cave. :) As of today, two weeks from the day I arrived in Minnesota, I am officially unpacked and moved in. Yeah, I took my time. LOL. I needed a desk to use temporarily so I stalked the free section of Craig's List to see if I could score something that would work. And I did. This desk was a freebee. I got the other desk that is now next to the bed for $10, and the mirror for $5. My bargain shopping didn't stop at Craig's list. There's a really cool thrift store too that was the source of an old entertainment center that is now in the closet behind the curtain holding my folded clothes.

Karen and her husband have gone out of their way to make me more than comfortable in their home.
When I arrived, there waiting for me in my new room was a survival box. Included in the box was a heated mattress pad, really thick warm socks, and Cuddle Duds. We went and got boots for me. --another thrift store score.

This is what's left of The Card Castle.  I got rid of everything except what I brought with me in my van... and a couple of boxes that were shipped ahead. 

Two Craig's List treasures. 
My Art desk from another angle.

Now that I'm all set up, I can start my first project! BRB!


  1. Complete with purple bedding. Looks cozy!

    1. Thanks Velda! I had decided to change the color scheme of my life... But I'm realizing that that's impossible. I'm always going to be Purple!

  2. I am amazed... you are so brave to start anew! Good for you for taking the steps!